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Remind your people we don't like fireworks

While we look like we are fearless, many of us are afraid of loud noises. Especially loud noises that go on and on and on, like fireworks displays.

This is me after a fireworks display last year during off-leash time in Central Park. The noise scared me so badly, I ran ~3 miles in 22 minutes and tore the pads off the bottoms of my feet. Despite this, I was actually pretty lucky. I did not get hit by a car when I was frantically crossing busy city streets and when I finally headed for cover, I ran into an apartment building and hid in front of an apartment that had a pit bull lover living in it. Thankfully she was not afraid of a bloody, cowering pit bull and she checked my collar and called my mom, who came and took me to the hospital. If this wonderful woman wasn't home, I would have gotten picked up by the police and taken back to a shelter.

Now my mom regularly checks the firework schedule for Manhattan to make sure I am never off-leash during a time that there might be fireworks (we actually stay inside and I hide in the bathtub, just to be sure).

Please remind your people that you may be just as sensitive and have them check the firework schedule for your area.