Aiding the adoption of shelter-bulls with positivity

Sav-a-Bull Presents: The Holiday Dog Adoption Project for the 2009 Brookhaven Dogs

Most know that thousands of pit bulls are euthanized within days of entering a shelter. But sometimes a different situation is occurring. Adoptable dogs are waiting in cages for years to be rescued by someone willing to take a chance on a pit bull. This extra time has spared lives and enabled great adoptions at Brookhaven Animal Shelter. Unfortunately it also resulted in 11 dogs spending 3+ years there. 

So Sav-a-Bull partnered with the shelter and shot film of each of the 2009 Brookhaven dogs. We then came back and edited the video so their individuals stories could be shared. And we are very happy to report it resulted in ALL of the dogs getting adopted. We are also happy to share a few of the videos below, in hopes that they will inspire more people to take photos, make videos and positively encourage others to adopt sheltered-bulls still waiting for their forever home.