The Special-Bull program at Sav-a-Bull provides a way for donors to directly help the special cases that we have already provided or are in the process of providing long-term or specialized care for. Most have suffered trauma - physical or emotional - or have conditions that require expensive medical care. This program makes sure nothing stops us from helping them get the extra care they need - when then need it - to go on to live happily ever after.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Special-Bull program.


MARVIN. Rescued, after a two-year wait, from a shelter in Long Island where he suffered from extreme anxiety. Marvin now lives successfully in a professional boarding and training facility where after months and months of specialized care Marvin is physically and mentally healthy. At the facility Marvin continues to receive the stimulation he needs with daily training, walks and off-leash hikes through the woods and horse pastures. Unfortunately Marvin is not yet ready to leave the facility for his forever home, as he still has not been able to overcome his resource guarding issues.