How to Foster-a-Bull

RASCAL. Rescued from a kill shelter in Camden.

RASCAL. Rescued from a kill shelter in Camden.

Fostering not only provides that dog with love and the capable home environment they need until they are adopted; it also enables us to rescue another homeless dog labeled a pit bull. (Click on the bold, italized words to access the applications and agreements).

How to foster a Sav-a-Bull Dog
The first step is to fill out a Sav-a-Bull temporary dog adopter application.

A few facts about fostering Sav-a-Bull dogs
If you do decide you would like to foster from us, you will find that our approach is slightly different. We ask our fosters to be “temporary adopters” to ensure that they understand that they are responsible for the care of all aspects of the dog – as if it was their very own best friend. That is why our process to become a temporary adopter, is a thorough one. In exchange temporary adopters will be provided food, a crate, toys, doggie daycare or a walker (if needed) training, toys, and reimbursement for any veterinary costs incurred during the care of the Sav-a-Bull dog.

We do all of this because we know that temporary adopters help abused or neglected dogs learn how to love and trust again. The homes of temporary adopters can help rescued dogs become “permanently adoptable” by providing socialization and following through with basic training. By teaching or re-teaching an animal how to live in a home setting, homes of temporary adopters help increase the odds for a smooth and successful transition into a permanent home.