Foster frequently asked questions

STELLA. Rescued from a kill shelter in Manhattan after being used to breed and then abandoned.

STELLA. Rescued from a kill shelter in Manhattan after being used to breed and then abandoned.

How long do dogs spend with their temporary adopters?
We are happy to work around the timing that is best for the temporary adopter. That said the average time may range from one night to several months. We provide and request that an ID tag is attached to a properly fitted collar on the dog at all times during the temporary adoption. If training needs to be maintained, or medical needs arise we cover all costs for both and simply request the temporary adopter work with us to ensure it takes place. Most importantly, we ask that Sav-a-Bull is immediately alerted if the temporary adopter is no longer able to care for the dog.

How do foster animals find permanent adoptive homes?
Sav-a-Bull takes full responsibility for finding permanent homes. Temporary adopters are encouraged to let people know that the dog is available for adoption, but any person interested in adopting the dog needs to contact Sav-a-Bull to complete the adoption process. Temporary adopters are also always welcome to become permanent adopters.

What happens after I apply to be a temporary adopter?
After we look over your application, we will talk with you on the phone about the Sav-a-Bull dog you would like to help by providing a temporary home, and we will tell you more about his or her unique characteristics. We will also schedule a time for you to meet the Sav-a-Bull dog you are interested in.

What does the remainder of the Sav-a-Bull dog adoption process consist of?
After the meet and greet, we will call the references listed in your application and schedule a home check. A home check is done by a representative for Sav-a-Bull; it helps ensure that the dog you helping is the right fit for you and viceversa. We will then ask you to sign a Sav-a-Bull dog temporary adoption agreement.