Learning "sit - stay"

The command: “sit – stay” means to sit and stay in place, until released. 

How to:
• Begin with your dog in a "sit."
• Hold treats in your left hand, but do not let your dog see them.
• Signal with your right hand - use a flat, outreached hand, like a traffic cop signaling you to “stop” and at the same time say “stay.”
• Silently count two beats. Don’t move away. After two seconds, give him the treat.
• Say “yes” and immediately give your dog the treat from your left hand.
• Release your dog by saying “ok.” This tells them that the “stay” is over.
• As long as your dog is successful, add on time and distance.

If your dog gets up as you try to extend the length of the sit stay, return to the last length of time your dog was successful. Then build up slowly from that point. If your dog moves or follows you walk him back where he was originally sitting, then try again, making it easier this time.